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MouseStats Affiliates: Earn 25% of Each Payment and All Renewals of Referrals

We are pleased to introduce our new partnership program. You are going to receive a significant amount of referrals' payments with the best terms possible. To explain MouseStats Partners program, we are going to start with explaining the awesomeness of our Partners panel and then, affiliates share amount.

Partners Panel

We have developed a tailored affiliate system for our partners. You can just get started in a few seconds, and receive your partnership URL. The interesting fact about this panel is the way your are going to track your referrals. All the visits coming from your URL will be listed in your panel, not only the conversions. So, you can simply figure out all the events of your referrals. Who are comming to just visit, who has signed up for a free test plan, and who has upgraded. You would become our business partner, a real one.

The signup procedure is very simple. You need to just open the partners page, and sign in with your Google account. That's all to start earning.

After signing up, a unique referral URL would be generated and provided to you in the panel. You can make a test to review how things are displayed by just visiting MouseStats via the provided referral URL to you. Your events will be listed in your partnership panel in real-time.

Earnings Share

You would simply receive 25% of the sale in your PayPal account. On all renewals! No limits. This can not be better.
  • 25% of the sale
  • 25% of all renewals as long as the customer continues using the service, no limits, lifetime.
  • If a referred user upgrades in up to 2 months after your first referral, it is still yours.

Get Started

Go to partners section, sign up/sign in and start referring potential buyers. You can also get your partner URL and just use the partner URL to buy for your clients and get the commission. That's all.

Start Earning Money
25% of Sales Is Yours. Get the Commission on All Your Sales and Also Renewals!
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